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A trademark is a unique symbol, word, or combination used to identify and distinguish goods or services. Registering a trademark in India provides legal protection, exclusive rights, and helps prevent unauthorized use by competitors.

Any individual, business, or legal entity, whether domestic or foreign, can apply for trademark registration in India.

Benefits include legal protection against infringement, exclusive rights to use the trademark, enhanced brand recognition, and the ability to license or sell the trademark.

The process involves conducting a trademark search, filing an application with the Trademark Registry, examination by the Registrar, publication in the Trademark Journal, and issuance of the registration certificate.

The registration process typically takes around 18 to 24 months, subject to examination, objections, and opposition (if any).

Yes, Avenue Advisory provides expert assistance for trademark registration, including conducting searches, filing applications, and responding to examination queries.

Documents such as a copy of the trademark, applicant details, proof of use (if applicable), and authorization of agent (if filing through an agent) are required.

Trademark registration is initially valid for ten years from the date of application, renewable indefinitely for successive periods of ten years.

Without registration, there is limited legal protection, making it difficult to enforce rights, prevent infringement, and establish ownership over the trademark.

Avenue Advisory ensures a smooth process by conducting thorough searches, preparing accurate applications, and liaising with the Trademark Registry on behalf of clients.

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