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Trademark renewal is the process of extending the validity of a registered trademark beyond its initial registration period, ensuring continued protection and exclusive rights over the trademark.

Trademark renewal should be initiated well in advance of the expiry date of the trademark registration, preferably six months to one year before the expiry to avoid lapses in protection.

The trademark owner or the authorized agent appointed by the owner is responsible for initiating and completing the renewal process with the Trademark Registry.

The procedure involves filing a renewal application with the Trademark Registry, paying the prescribed renewal fees, and submitting any required documents or declarations.

Documents such as the renewal application, proof of current ownership, power of attorney (if filing through an agent), and payment receipts are required for renewal.

Yes, Avenue Advisory provides comprehensive assistance for trademark renewal, including preparing and filing renewal applications, tracking deadlines, and ensuring timely renewal of registrations.

The validity period of a renewed trademark registration is typically ten years from the date of expiry of the previous registration, subject to further renewal.

Yes, late renewal may incur additional fees, penalties, and risks of loss of rights or removal of the trademark from the register if not renewed within the prescribed timeframe.

Avenue Advisory maintains proactive tracking of renewal deadlines, provides timely reminders to clients, and expedites the renewal process to avoid any lapses in protection.

Outsourcing to Avenue Advisory ensures peace of mind, compliance with renewal requirements, and uninterrupted protection of trademarks, allowing clients to focus on their core business activities.

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