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IEC Registration is a 10-digit unique identification number issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to businesses engaged in import and export activities in India.

Any individual or entity involved in importing or exporting goods or services from India must obtain IEC Registration, irrespective of the value of the goods or services.

IEC Registration enables businesses to engage in international trade, avail of export incentives, open and maintain foreign currency accounts, and establish credibility with overseas suppliers and customers.

Documents such as PAN card, identity and address proof of promoters, bank account details, business address proof, and partnership deed or memorandum of association are required for IEC Registration.

IEC Registration can be obtained within 1 to 2 working days from the date of application submission, subject to verification and approval by the DGFT authorities.

The current fee is INR 250 for digital signature and INR 100 for application processing.

Typically, it takes 7-15 working days after document submission to receive the IEC certificate.

Yes, IEC Registration is mandatory for individuals or entities exporting goods through courier or postal services, irrespective of the value of the goods.

Yes, a single IEC can be used for multiple branches or business units of the same entity, provided they are engaged in the same line of business.

Yes, IEC Registration can be canceled or surrendered voluntarily by the registered entity by submitting a request to the DGFT authorities, along with supporting documents.

Yes, partnership firms, LLPs, companies, individuals, and other legal entities engaged in import and export activities can obtain IEC Registration.

Company Avenue Advisory provides expert guidance and support throughout the IEC Registration process, including documentation, application filing, compliance, and liaison with DGFT authorities, ensuring seamless registration and compliance.

Yes, an IEC is required for importing any services with a monetary value.

Yes, the entire registration process is online through the DGFT portal.

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