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The registered office of a private limited company serves as its official address for communication with the government, stakeholders, and the public. Shifting this address requires adherence to specific procedures outlined by the Companies Act, 2013. CCA guides you through every step, minimizing legal risks and maximizing efficiency during this relocation.

Any private limited company registered in India can shift its registered office within the same state or to another state.

Features of Shifting Registered Office:
  • Compliance and Legal Certainty: Following proper procedures safeguards your company from potential legal complications and penalties.
  • Enhanced Accessibility and Visibility: Moving to a strategic location can improve accessibility for communication and potentially enhance your company’s visibility.
  • Operational Optimization: Relocation can bring advantages like reduced costs, access to new talent pools, or proximity to key resources.
  • Maintaining Stakeholder Confidence: Transparent communication and efficient handling of the transition process foster trust and confidence among stakeholders.
Detailed Step-wise Procedure:
  1. Board Resolution: Pass a resolution at a Board Meeting approving the shifting of the registered office and specifying the new address.
  2. Intimation to ROC: File Form INC-23 within 30 days of the Board Meeting with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) in your existing state, along with required documents and fees.
  3. Public Notice: Publish a notice about the change in a local newspaper and in the Official Gazette in both the old and new state.
  4. Filing with New ROC: File Form INC-22 within 60 days of Form INC-23 filing with the ROC in the new state, along with required documents and fees.
  5. Update Records: Update the company’s records with all relevant authorities like banks, tax authorities, and business partners.
List of Documents Required:
  • Board resolution approving the shift
  • Proof of new registered office address (rental agreement, ownership documents)
  • Proof of publication of public notice
  • Payment challan for filing fees
  • Additional documents may be required depending on the specific state and ROC requirements.

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Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

The procedure involves obtaining board approval, members' approval, filing necessary forms with the RoC, publishing advertisements, updating company records, and obtaining RoC approval.

Reasons for shifting registered office may include business expansion, operational convenience, cost-saving, regulatory requirements, or change in business environment.

The company must comply with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, and obtain approval from the members, creditors, and RoC for shifting the registered office.

Yes, the registered office of a private limited company can be shifted from one state to another by following the prescribed procedure and obtaining necessary approvals.

Documents such as board resolution, special resolution, notice of general meeting, advertisement copies, consent letters, and necessary forms for filing with the RoC are required.

The process must be completed within a specified timeline, including convening and conducting general meetings, filing forms with the RoC, and publishing advertisements.

Non-compliance may lead to penalties, fines, legal action, rejection of application by the RoC, and adverse impact on the company's compliance status and reputation.

Yes, Avenue Advisory provides expert assistance for shifting the registered office, including drafting of resolutions, preparation of documents, filing with the RoC, and compliance monitoring.

Avenue Advisory ensures compliance with the registered office shifting procedure by guiding clients through the process, preparing accurate documents, and liaising with the RoC for timely approvals.

Outsourcing to Avenue Advisory ensures accuracy, compliance, timely processing, and expert support, relieving companies from the administrative burden and ensuring smooth office relocation.

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