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Key compliance requirements include maintenance of statutory registers, holding of board meetings and general meetings, filing of annual returns and financial statements, and compliance with taxation, labor, and regulatory laws.

The board of directors, company secretary, and designated compliance officers are collectively responsible for ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory, and corporate governance requirements.

Non-compliance may lead to penalties, fines, legal actions, disqualification of directors, loss of reputation, suspension of business activities, and adverse impact on stakeholders and investors.

Yes, Avenue Advisory provides comprehensive compliance management services for private limited companies, including compliance audits, preparation of documents, filings, and ongoing advisory support.

Key registers include the register of members, register of directors and key managerial personnel, register of charges, minutes of meetings, and other records as mandated by the Companies Act, 2013.

Avenue Advisory employs experienced professionals, utilizes technology-driven solutions, and follows standardized processes to ensure accuracy, timeliness, and completeness in compliance management

Recent changes include amendments to company law, introduction of new reporting requirements, digitization of compliance processes, and initiatives to promote ease of doing business and corporate governance.

Avenue Advisory acts as a strategic partner, providing proactive guidance, updates on regulatory changes, compliance reminders, and support for implementing best practices in corporate governance and compliance.

Avenue Advisory conducts thorough assessments, identifies compliance gaps, and tailors solutions to address the unique requirements, size, industry, and risk profile of each private limited company.

Outsourcing to Avenue Advisory offers private limited companies access to specialized expertise, cost-effective solutions, reduced compliance burden, enhanced risk management, and peace of mind, enabling focus on business growth and objectives.

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