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PF Registration is the process of obtaining a unique registration number under the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) for employers and establishments to provide employees with retirement benefits and social security.

Employers and establishments having 20 or more employees, engaged in specified industries or activities as per the EPF Act, are liable to obtain PF Registration.

Benefits include provident fund contributions, pension benefits, and insurance benefits for employees and their dependents, ensuring financial security and stability post-retirement or during emergencies.

Documents such as PAN card, address proof, registration certificate of the establishment, list of employees, salary details, and bank account details are required for PF Registration.

PF Registration can be obtained within 15 to 20 working days from the date of application submission, subject to verification and approval by the EPFO authorities.

Yes, employers are required to contribute a percentage of their employees' wages towards provident fund contributions, as per the rates prescribed under the EPF Act.

Yes, employers having fewer than 20 employees can voluntarily register for PF to provide retirement benefits and social security to their employees and avail of benefits under the EPF scheme.

Failure to register under PF or non-compliance with PF contribution requirements can attract penalties, fines, and legal consequences, as per the EPF Act.

No, employees covered under PF are not allowed to opt out of PF coverage, as it is mandatory for eligible employees as per the EPF Act.

Company Avenue Advisory provides expert guidance and support throughout the PF Registration process, including documentation, application filing, compliance, and liaison with EPFO authorities, ensuring seamless registration and compliance with PF laws.

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