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TDS Return Filing is the process of submitting details of tax deducted at source (TDS) from various incomes to the Income Tax Department.

Entities and individuals who deduct TDS while making payments such as salaries, rent, interest, and contractor payments are required to file TDS Returns.

The due dates for TDS Return Filing vary based on the type of deductor and the quarterly period for which TDS is deducted

Missing the TDS Return Filing deadline may attract penalties and interest on the outstanding TDS amount, besides other legal consequences.

Incorrect TDS Return Filing may lead to penalties, prosecution, and disallowance of TDS credit for the deductor.

Late filing attracts penalties and interest charges, which can escalate with time.

Yes, you can file revised returns to rectify any errors in the original filing.

Yes, deductors can revise their TDS Returns within the prescribed time limit if they discover any errors or omissions in the original filing.

Documents such as TDS certificates (Form 16/16A), PAN details of deductees, and other relevant financial documents are needed for TDS Return Filing.

Yes, TDS Returns can be filed online through the TIN-NSDL or TRACES portal provided by the Income Tax Department.

Non-deduction or short deduction of TDS may lead to disallowance of expenses, interest, and penalties for the deductor.

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