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GST Return Filing is the process of submitting details of sales, purchases, and tax liabilities to the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) for a specific tax period.

Registered taxpayers under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime, including businesses and entities exceeding the specified turnover threshold, are required to file GST Returns.

Different types of GST Returns include GSTR-1 for outward supplies, GSTR-3 B for summary return, GSTR-9 for annual return, and others, based on the nature of transactions and taxpayer category.

The due dates for GST Return Filing vary based on the type of return and the turnover threshold of the taxpayer, with monthly, quarterly, and annual filing requirements.

Missing the GST Return Filing deadline may attract penalties and interest on the outstanding tax amount, besides other legal consequences.

Late filing attracts late payment charges and potential legal action.

Yes, you can file a revised return to rectify any errors within the same financial year.

Yes, the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) provides an online portal for taxpayers to file their GST Returns electronically from the convenience of their homes or offices.

Incorrect GST Return Filing may lead to penalties, fines, and other legal consequences, besides suspension or cancellation of GST registration.

Yes, taxpayers can revise their GST Returns within the prescribed time limit if they discover any errors or omissions in the original filing.

Documents such as invoices, purchase orders, payment vouchers, and other relevant financial documents are needed for GST Return Filing, along with GST return forms.

CompanyAvenue Advisory provides expert assistance for GST Return Filing, including preparation of returns, compliance with GST laws, reconciliation of data, and guidance on input tax credit, ensuring accurate and timely filing.

Absolutely! CAA offers comprehensive support for GST return filing, including:

* Eligibility assessment and registration guidance
* Document verification and collection
* Accurate calculation of tax liability
* Online return filing assistance
* Challan generation and payment guidance
* Error identification and correction
* Follow-up with GST authorities

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