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A Liaison Office, also known as a Representative Office, is a temporary establishment set up by a foreign company to facilitate communication between the parent company and its Indian counterparts.

Any foreign company engaged in manufacturing or trading activities outside India can register a Liaison Office for promoting its business interests in India.

Key requirements include approval from the RBI, submission of business plan and financial statements, appointment of a local representative, and compliance with Indian tax and regulatory laws.

Liaison Offices can engage in activities such as market research, promotion of parent company's products, and facilitation of communication, subject to approval from the RBI.

Liaison Offices must adhere to RBI guidelines, maintain proper accounting records, file annual activity reports, and comply with Indian tax laws.

Yes, but only for administrative and liaison purposes, not for revenue-generating activities.

No, Liaison Offices cannot generate revenue in India or undertake any commercial activities. They are meant for promotional and liaison purposes only.

Yes, Liaison Offices can remit funds outside India for meeting their expenses after obtaining approval from the RBI.

The validity period is typically linked to the duration of the business activities planned in India, as specified in the approval letter issued by the RBI.

The registration process for a Liaison Office usually takes around 3 to 4 months, subject to approval from the RBI and timely submission of required documents.

Company Avenue Advisory provides expert guidance and support throughout the Liaison Office registration process, including RBI approvals, documentation, compliance, and liaison with regulatory authorities, ensuring a smooth registration process.

The process usually takes 8-12 weeks, subject to regulatory timelines and completeness of documentation.

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