INC20A – Commencement of Business

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Form INC-20A is a declaration required to be filed by newly incorporated private limited companies within 180 days of incorporation, confirming the commencement of business.

Filing Form INC-20A is mandatory under the Companies Act, 2013, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and confirm the commencement of business operations.

Non-filing or late filing of Form INC-20A may lead to penalties, fines, and legal consequences for the company and its directors.

Form INC-20A requires details such as the registered office address, details of subscribers, authorized share capital, paid-up capital, and declaration of commencement of business.

The procedure involves obtaining necessary documents, filling out Form INC-20A accurately, digitally signing the form, and filing it with the Registrar of Companies (RoC).

Yes, non-compliance may attract penalties, fines, and legal consequences, emphasizing the importance of timely filing.

Yes, Avenue Advisory provides expert assistance for filing Form INC-20A, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and timely submission to the RoC.

Avenue Advisory ensures compliance by guiding clients through the process, verifying documents, preparing accurate forms, and facilitating timely filings with the RoC.

Failure to commence business within the prescribed timeline may lead to legal consequences, such as being categorized as a dormant company or facing regulatory action.

Outsourcing to Avenue Advisory ensures accuracy, compliance, and peace of mind, allowing companies to focus on their core operations while fulfilling regulatory requirements.

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