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DIN Surrender is the process of voluntarily surrendering Director Identification Number (DIN) by a director who no longer intends to hold directorship positions in any company.

Any director who no longer wishes to hold directorship positions in any company can surrender their DIN by following the prescribed DIN Surrender procedure.


Reasons for surrendering DIN may include retirement, resignation, cessation of directorship, disqualification, or any other personal reasons.


Documents such as DIN Surrender application, declaration of cessation of directorship, and acknowledgment of liabilities settlement are required for DIN Surrender.

Yes, DIN Surrender can be applied online through the MCA's portal using digital signatures, providing convenience, efficiency, and transparency in the surrender process.

While technically possible, the reactivation process involves complex justifications and convincing the MCA of your changed circumstances. It's often a path less travelled.

No, there is no fee for DIN Surrender in a private limited company, as it is a voluntary process initiated by the director.

The director must fill and submit Form DIR-5 online, upload necessary documents, declare cessation of directorship in all companies, and await approval from the MCA for DIN Surrender.

DIN Surrender is usually processed within one to two business days from the date of submission of the application, subject to verification and approval by the MCA.

Yes, Avenue Advisory provides expert assistance for DIN Surrender, including document preparation, online application filing, and liaison with the MCA.

Avenue Advisory ensures a smooth DIN Surrender process by guiding clients through the application process, preparing accurate documents, and monitoring application status with the MCA.

Absolutely. CAA's team of experts provides comprehensive support, including:

* Assessing your eligibility and guiding you through the application process.
* Assisting with form completion and document preparation.
* Submitting the application electronically on your behalf.
* Tracking the application status and liaising with the MCA on your behalf.

With CAA by your side, navigating the intricacies of DIN surrender becomes a journey of informed decisions and streamlined execution.

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